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The Learning Company develops products in the ”edutainment” category for kids from 10 years to adults. One of their interactive software products, History of the Oregon Trail, lets the user become a pioneer on the trail — crossing rivers, running the wagons, fighting with bears, and all the adventures encountered by the real-life pioneers.


The History of the Oregon Trail had been around for several years, and would be the 3rd Edition of the software. The company wanted to raise consumer awareness that this is a ”new and improved” edition, and to inject a new level of excitement into the the product.


Working in tandem with another design firm, SBG, we began by leveraging the brand name with very large typographic treatment of ”Oregon Trail” and ”3rd Edition.” To increase perceived value, we created a seal: ”#1 top selling curriculum used in schools” for an additional endorsement as a learning game.

To capture the excitement of the Oregon Trail, we used an old map and superimposed differerent activities — families in wagons, confronting a bear, fishing for food, working with finite supplies, showing all of the main highlights along the trail. The design extended from the Software box, CD jewel case, and actual CD artwork.

Case Study 06: Oregon Trail 3rd Edition

Package Design

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