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Golden West Specialty Foods is a San Francisco gourmet food company. They have several privately labeled sauces and gourmet foods in the marketplace, and wanted to develop a package design for their ”House Line” of sauces and cooking oils.


The development of a new ”House Line” design would allow them to economically add new products that don’t merit specifically designed packaging. Yet, it needed to exude quality and a sense of gourmet. The new design also had to accommodate a wide variety of sizes and different shaped containers.


The brand name ”Chateau” adds a European and gourmet ”flavor” to the brand. The brandmark was created from an 18th century printing block of a large villa. A selection of 18th century typefaces were used for the mandatory information andItalic type from this era was used to wax romatically about the brand.

To further embellish the historical look, the Chateau labels were printed in gold and black on a Kraft paper stock. The overall design conveys a classical yet handmade quality for the product line. The design also minimizes production and printing costs for both small and large-size labels even in low production quantities while still projecting a quality, gourmet image.

Chateau won 2005 Fiery Foods and Barbecue Show, earning a Scovie Awards’ second place in the product packaging category.

Case Study 09: Chateau

Brand and Package Design

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