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Golden West Specialty Foods is a San Francisco Gourmet Food company. They created the first ”all natural” line of Asian Sauces – Oyster, Hoisin, and Plum dipping sauces. The new ”WokMei” dipping sauces were to be marketed in the gourmet sections of specialty grocers and health food stores But they didn’t have a name or identity for the brand, and no design for the individual product packaging within the line.


Both the brand identity and individual packaging needed to be created. With little advertising support for the new product, the packaging design itself would have to carry the wight of communicating the virtues of the product.


To begin, we created a new brand name, ”Wok Mei” which literally means ”pretty wok.” We developed a brand identity around the concept of hand-crafted wooden chop block depicting a bowl and the stirring of the ingredients.

The illustration and typography of the new WokMei brand identity reinforces an exotic Asian motif and conveys a gourmet quality of hand-crafted cooking. The package design incorporates a rich use of black and gold to provide an upscale perception of the product. The specific product characteristics of the Oyster, Hoisin and Plum Sauces are further differentiated with unique copy points, color-coding, and use of illustrations.

Case Study 04: Wok Mei

Brand and Package Design

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