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As one of the Internet’s online pioneers for e-card and e-invitations, TimeDance offers a fun, free way to ”get everyone together” for parties, events, reunions, and many other social activities.


They needed to develop graphically-rich invitations and announcements yet still meet the stringent technological parameters of high speed and dial-up modems. The entire process needed to be readily functional, easy with quick downloads, and fun to use.


Working with TimeDance engineers, we pushed the establilshed technical boundaries to optimize all graphics so they’d fit the size restrictions. Scanned objects were knocked down so that all files remained as small as possible while still deliverying rich visuals. Because they offer such a variety of the types of invitiations, each had to be unique to specific subjects and promotions, yet still meet all of the tecnhincal parameters.

Case Study 09: TimeDance

eGreeting Card Design

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