Portfolio: Web Design


eGain Communications develops software and support systems in the CRM space. Their products and suite of services are very in depth and allow companies such as General Electric, Sears, Maytag, among others to provide their customers with superior customer relations.


Following the design of their new website, eGain asked us to continue developing a family of online communication materials for their ongoing efforts. They needed a series of communication vehicles for their selling and marketing efforts that would demonstrate the many capabilities of their products. Each communication device needed to have its own personality, yet fit within the eGain Brand.


We began by developing an very indepth FLASH demonstration that allows the potential customer to fully understand the workings of the program. This was used in tradeshow and new business presentations. A Newsletter was producded in both print and online versions, including a web-based ”radio-free eGain” was designed for their customers to keep informed of the latest upgrades and eGain events.

eGain further demonstrated the ultimate customer experience with email announcments, conference invitiations, even electronic holiday cards – all to reinforce and solidify the egain brand.

Case Study 08: eGain Communications

Flash Introduction and Demo (Click to View)

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