Portfolio: Web Design


The Multiservice Switching Forum was founded by a premier goup of telcommunications carrier and equipment companies that include AT&T, Cisco Systems, Alcatel, and MCI among others. Its mission is to enhance the exchange of technical information to expedite the delivery of new integrated broadband communications services to the marketplace.


The Forum needed a site that would reflect the sophistication of the members, present a visually rich environment, yet be extremely fast and efficient in loading times.


Our strategy centered on keeping all major graphics within the masthead area of the site so there would only be a single load time. Within this masthead area we created an animation of their logo and accompanied it with a global looking graphics. The rest of the site is all text-driven to minimize any waiting time.

With a highly intuitive navigation system developed specifically for the Forumís international engineering audience, the site fulfills the need for a sophisticated appearing site that accommodates the efficient exchange of large amounts of technical information.

Case Study 06: Multiservice Switching Forum

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