Portfolio: Web Design


Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Brignall Construction has built some of the stateís finest museums, educational, and public facilities. While employing many modern practices in their construction business, they had only developed the initial components of a visual brand and had yet to design a corporate website for themselves.


Brignall needed an online presence to both showcase their portfolio of completed projects and aid in the marketing of their services to potential clients throught the state.


We designed a new site that continues to establish the essential visual building blocks for a new Brignall brand. The site reflectes a contemporary organization thatís technologically-savvy, with a diverse portfolio of well-recognized projects. The site has a clean, uncluttered look and is easy to navigate yet presents a very in-depth look at many of the projects from several different points of view. It has enabled Brignall to continue to pursue larger-scaled projects.

Case Study 05: Brignall

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