Portfolio: Web Design


As part of the total design program for Syska Hennessy brand, the creation of a new website and supportive online initiatives were needed to complete its online presence.


The new website required the use of the new primary identity with the entirely new graphic standards. Concurrent with the launch of the new branding system, Syska was also preparing to celebrate its 75th anniversary.


Using the newly designed primary identity and graphics standards, all of the specialized business units were brought under one visual umbrella. Photography and text from the print collateral system was re-purposed for use on the site. The celebration of its 75th anniversary became a corporate marketing tool in the form a two minute Flash production that highlighted the firmís history and wide range of accomplishments. Various graphically-rich email campaigns further communicated the positioning of the new Syska Hennessy Group.

Case Study 02: Syska Hennesy Group

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