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California State University East Bay (formerly Cal State Hayward) is one of the largest state universities in California. Like other universities, CSUEB is beginning to establish its own distinct brand for securing fundraising, and recruitment of faculty and students. The key to their economic health is to advance their recruiting of freshman students for a complete 4-year program.


Unfortunately, CSUEB was perceived as a ”commuter school”, seemingly void of a real and vibrant Freshman community. Most students transferred from community colleges into their third year studies. The university needed a dynamic recruitment program specifically targeted to university-bound high school seniors.


Research showed that many of these students represented their family’s first generation to graduate from high school, and that each student posessed a strong drive for we createprofessional success. Responsive to this research, we created a seven-part direct mail program that purposely directed powerful yet simple imagery and messaging through each sequential mail piece.

Additionally, a new recruitment brochure and follow-up packet were developed to reinforce the theme: ” The view from here .” The results surpassed even the most optimistic projections. Freshman enrollment saw a 35% boost from the previous year. In turn, over a three period of matching state funds and increased alumni activity translates into over $3 million revenue from the program.

Case Study 07: Cal State Hayward

Freshman Enrollment Brochure

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