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Inference specializes in customer relationship management systems. Their software products provide a leading edge in sales and support services for Web-based activities.


They needed to promote and generate excitement for a new yearly conference called the ”InContact” conference. The theme: ”Beyond the Transaction” needed to be conveyed as a fun and exciting conference, geared to a contemporary and young audience of Web marketers and online merchandizers.


We created a retro personality with a futuristic look in the ”Jetson family” look as graphics that would appeal to this audience. The event identity set the stage for this playful, somewhat whimsical set of graphics. Communication materials extended into all conference collateral, invitations, brochures with keynote speakers and agenda, registration forms, signage, email invitations, all the way to monitor crowns.

The event graphics helped balance the view that this was an Inference product geared to the younger audience, with a fun youthful attitude, powerfull with all its applications.

Case Study 06: Inference

Conference Material

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