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Founded in 1924, Calavo Growers of California is one of the nationís largest avocado cooperatives. Today, it is the leading marketer of avocados, and produces over 100 brand names of avocado-based products, supplying major grocery and restaurant chains such as Applebees, Chilis, T.G.I. Fridays, among many others.


In addition to reporting the financials, the annual report needed to fulfill two major objectives ó highlight the co-opís many accomplishments and reinforce the strength of the Calavo brand, and work as a marketing piece for recruiting new growers into the co-op.


We broadened the appeal of the Calavo Co-op by featuring three growers ó one who is new to the co-op and is expanding his business, a second grower whoís been a member and shares his experience, and a third ó clearly the oldest member, who has benefited from the co-op since nearly the beginning. This approach enhanced the impression that the co-op offered value to all types of members.

For the brand itself, we designed a tactile, natural feeling to the report, almost as a personal journal. We dedicated a spread to the evolution of the organization, from the beginning to today, with over 100 branded items that extend from only avocados to other avocado-based products.

We also reinforced the longevity and strength of the co-op by capitalizing and highlighting itís 75th Anniversary.

Case Study 05: Calavo Growers of California

Annual Report

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