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Vaio was Sony’s entrance into the personal computing arena. This computer was designed to bridge the line between work and home computing. Marketed as a complete system, Sony wanted to launch the entire product line to include the desktop and laptop computers, projectors, printers and speakers.


While the Sony name is widely recognized, ”Vaio” was an entirely unknown brand. A balanced orchestration was needed to convey the strength of the Sony brand without diminishing the excitement for the launch of the ”Vaio” brand. Datasheets, product sell sheets, and POP displays were needed to support the introduction and selling process.


Our initial work was the development of a press kit with CD demos that supported Sony and introduced the Vaio branded family of products. We then orchestrated a balance between the Sony and Vaio brand through a variety of marketing materials such as brochures, datasheets, POP displays, and point of sale brochures.

To help separate Sony’s Vaio from its competition, we developed a theme based on natural elements to convey the product virtues and give it ”not just another computer identity” implying there’s a deeper thought driving this new product. Lightening equalled power

Case Study 03: Sony Electronics

Product Data Sheets

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