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As one of the largest independently owned printing companies in Northern California, Waller Printing needed a new and compelling campaign to attract high-end designers and advertising creatives to its printing and media services.


Because Waller had focused solely on corporate clients, it was not known as a high-end printer within the design community. It needed a series of dramatic and ongoing sales materials to change that perception, and reinforce its new postioning as a very high-end printer with highly advanced capabilities.


We created a four-part print campaign targeted to designers and art directors. Our ”Extend Your Imagination Series” of printed pieces dramatically showcased Waller’s digital and printing capabilities with 10 over 10 color printing, extraordinary visual manipulations, and unusual bindery techniques. The initial printed pieces created a good stir within the design community, and a new interest in Waller Printing. The campaign continued with quarterly mailings of new printed pieces, each exemplifying different sophisticated specialties.

Case Study 01: Waller Printing Company

Capabilities Brochure #1

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