Portfolio: Brand Identity


SupportMinds provides product-specific Web and tele-based technical and customer support for large consumer-oriented clients such as Sears and AOL.


Their existing name, ”Slash/Support” and identity was dated and didn’t reflect the company’s suite of products and services. In addition to undermining their postioning, it was impeding their ability to attain new clients.


Focus Design began by developing a new name, ”SupportMinds” to provide a positive and more accurate description of what the company actually does. We then created a new brand identity to better reflect the comprehensive level of services SupportMinds offers its customers.

The new brand identity postions SupportMinds as an intelligent support solution while maintaining a friendly, reliable attitude. The new mark helps convince potential clients that SupportMinds has the capabilites to effectively handle an entire organization’s client support.

Case Study 08: SupportMinds

Primary Identity

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