Portfolio: Brand Identity


As a $100 million dollar mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering firm, Syska Hennessy had grown through the acquisition of other companies and the development of other specialty services. Detrimental to their marketing efforts, many of the individual groups were operating under different names and identities which undermined their combined strengths and cross-selling abilities.


With their speciality business lines fractionated into different silos, they were perceived as a disjointed organization. The need to align the entire organization required designing a new primary identity and developing a unified branding system that would also accommodate the needs of each of the individual units.


The new primary identity depicts the reality and energy of their engineering on the internal workings of buidlings. A new business print system under the newly named Syska Hennessy Group brought all entities under the same umbrella. Orchestrated print brochures unified the overall corporate look while reinforcing the cross-sell advantages of each specialty group. Online initatives, including their 75th Anniversary, were used to highlight the new look and reinforce the heritage of their brand.

Case Study 04: Syska Hennessy Group

Primary Identity

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