Portfolio: Brand Identity


The California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF) is one of the largest non-profit organizations advancing the qualilty of health care in California. Many different population groups benefit through its policy papers, print and online communications, and project research and funding.


The original identity didnít reflect the quality of the Foundation and its services. Lacking a cohesively branded graphics system, many of its various printing publications and online communications seemed unrelated. With over 40 publications and several programs under its umbrella, a unified branding system was needed to bring everything into alignment.


We began by developing a new primary identity based on the original but modernized and more legible. Graphic and branding standards were developed to guide the program and the internal staff in producing new publications. A printed matrix of publishing grids for the covers and interior spreads was developed, as were the graphics for their Web site. The end result is a unified brand that is easily managed in all its expressions and a substantial reduction in overall yearly production costs.

Case Study 03: California HealthCare Foundation

Primary Identity

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