Portfolio: Brand Identity


Mary’s Pizza Shack was operating under a very dated logo with very dated and uncoordinated marketing communications, advertising and in-restaurant promotional items. Additionally, several of its 15 restaurants used different interior schemes. It lacked visual continuity across all touchpoints.


We needed to move their entire visual brand into a new generation of operations by simultaneously working on every aspect of the brand and threading that work through a central theme that would introduce and reinforce the rich heritage of the founder, Mary Fazio and ”the Shack.”


The primary identity was redesigned to make it more contemporary, and legible, and to preserve elements of their heritage. A ”Pizza, Pasta & Amore” tagline was added. Advertising, direct mail programs, menus, packaging and interior theme development reinforced the original Shack feeling. These components of the brand also articulated the originality and authenticity of the founder. Included were her personal quips, personal belongings, family photography and heirlooms. Today, Mary’s Pizza Shack projects a strongly unified and authentic brand in all its communication materials.

Case Study 02: Mary’s Pizza Shack

Primary Identity

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